a child at a Brisbane northside C and K kindy (Marchant Park) climbs on the yellow and green play equipment.
Learning through play is a key feature of Marchant Park C and K kindergarten on Brisbane’s northside.

WE acknowledge the Turrbal people who are the traditional owners of the land upon which our Kindergarten is built.

Our educators recognise and value our indigenous heritage and believe it is important for our community to work towards a “united Australia that respects this land of ours; values the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage; and provides justice and equity for all”.

We know that children are capable and competent. We believe in children’s inherent need to play and recognise that play-based early year’s education is crucial for a child’s optimal development.

Playing, but learning too

Engagement in and learning through play allows for rich and meaningful experiences for children.

At Marchant Park Kindergarten we provide our children with many opportunities to explore, investigate, problem-solve, create, experiment, make decisions and challenge themselves through their play.

You will see in our centre that language, literacy and numeracy are naturally embedded in our program.

We also recognise the importance of promoting every child’s health and physical wellbeing.

Every child brings with them their own unique background and experiences, which not only contribute to the individuality of each child, but also enriches the kindergarten community as a whole.

Our environment is inclusive and promotes the children’s competence and independent exploration.

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Each child’s knowledge, ideas, culture, abilities and interests form the foundations of our program. We actively support every child’s participation in the program.

On a journey

Early Childhood Education is a journey with a partnership between the children, the families, the educators and the community. We strive to make all parties feel welcome, respected and included. We respect the diversity of families, cultures, values, beliefs, abilities and capacities within our centre We recognise and embrace the children’s diversity and we support the children in building strong and confident social and cultural identities.

Our kindergarten takes an active role in caring for the environment and contributing to a sustainable future. We encourage the children to engage with and show respect for their built and natural environments.

We are very aware of the need to provide and maintain an environmentally sustainable environment for the children and we endeavour to pass on our awareness and knowledge to the children and their families to enable them to participate in striving for this goal.

As educators we actively engage in ongoing professional development. We are committed to continually reflecting and improving on our own teaching and learning practices.

A boy in a blue top swings by his hands at Marchant Park C and K kindergarten as a little girl in red watches from behind. Two adults can be seen out of focus supervising in the background.
Kids quickly get into the swing of things at the Marchant Park C and K kindy.

We teach in ways that reflect our own personalities and beliefs and we are also flexible in encouraging the children to explore the ways in which they like to learn and in ways that are meaningful to them.

We work collaboratively with our colleagues and affirm, challenge, support and learn from each other to further develop our skills and improve our practice and relationships.

We value your input

We recognise families as the experts in their child’s wellbeing and learning and we highly value the children’s and families’ input and contributions to the curriculum.

Working collaboratively with our families and community is essential in providing a quality education, as this autonomy and ownership motivates and promotes the children’s learning.

We believe that every child has a right to an education in which they are supported to attain their maximum potential and we are committed to providing every child in our centre with a high-quality educational experience.

We look forward to what each new year brings for ourselves, the children and the families in our care and to sharing in each family’s learning journey throughout the year.

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