Each day at Marchant Park Kindergarten is exciting and new.

Each day at Marchant Park Kindergarten is exciting and new.

A day may involve working on projects and investigations, exploring, communicating, sharing, creating, imagining and much more…

Our Kindergarten sessions follow the same predictable, yet flexible, daily routine to support children’s independence and agency.

Our day typically involves:

  • opportunities for whole group language and numeracy exploration
  • indoor and outdoor investigations
  • engagement in music and movement
  • communal meal times of morning tea and lunch
  • periods of rest and relaxation

Explore new friendships through creativity

Our daily routine is carefully aligned to the children’s current ages and abilities to ensure a balance of passive and active play.

Our Kindergarten program draws upon C&K’s Building Waterfalls Curriculum Framework in addition to the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF).

Within our program each child is valued and acknowledged as an individual with differing strengths, abilities, experiences, interests and needs.

To read more about C&K Building waterfalls click here.

Time to yourself is also important for growth

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