Marchant Park Kindergarten - Enrolment procedure pens photos

Children are eligible to participate in our Kindergarten program in the year prior to starting Prep.

Children must be at least four years of age by June 30 of that year. Where spaces permit, 3 year olds may be eligible for an early Kindergarten placement.

We encourage families to place their child’s name on the Waiting List early in order to secure a place.

Simply download and complete the Waiting List Form below, then return or email it to the Kindy. 

Enrolments take place in the year before your child is due to attend Kindergarten. Upon acceptance, an enrolment package is given to be completed and orientation sessions are arranged to provide you and your family and opportunity to meet both the educators as well as fellow children that will be joining us for the Kindy year.

The enrolment process is finalised when all enrolment documents are returned to the Kindergarten and enrolment fees are paid.