Marchant Park Kindergarten - photo of colourful scissors

Competitive Fees

$820 a term, 2020

Our competitive term fees include excursions and visitors to the Kindergarten. We also undertake limited fundraising throughout the year.


Fee Breakdown

    • Term Fee: $820 per term
    • Enrolment Fee: $150 per year
    • Membership Fee: $11 per year
  • Levies: $70 working bee levy and $50 mowing levy
    (Refundable upon attendance at Working Bee and completion of mowing)


Entitlement to Subsidised Fees

You may be eligible for a substantial reduction in fees if you:

    • Identify as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander and/or South Sea Islander (or have a child who does); or
    • Have three or more children, of the same age, enrolled in the same year; or
  • Hold a current Health Care Card, Veterans Affairs Card or Australian Government Pension Concession Card with automatic Health Care Card entitlements.

If you hold any of the above Cards, you will just need to present your Card to the Kindergarten Director and a photocopy will be taken to provide to C&K to enable our service to claim a subsidy on your behalf.

We are unable to backdate fees if you provide us with the above Cards later in the year.